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Dr. J. L. WilliamsIn late December 2016 Dr. J. L. Williams stepped into eternity. J. L. had been a faithful servant of Jesus Christ all his life. He was a passionate teacher of the Bible and a living example of what a man can accomplish if he surrenders himself to the call of God. J. L. was a faithful husband to his wife Patt, a father of four children and a proud grandfather. He was also a spiritual father to hundreds through his many years as Founder and Director of New Directions International. Through NDI JL discipled young people in the United States and developed international partnerships around the globe. For the last ten years of his ministry he served with Patt in continuing to nurture many of those partnerships.

Biblical Principles for Living was for many years the name of a series of Bible teaching messages that J. L. recorded and made available. It is our goal to catalog and make available online those thousands of hours of rich Bible instruction through this website. This is a multi-year project and we hope you will check back in the coming months to see our progress. It is our hope to officially launch the website on January 1st, 2018.

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